Pure Bath + Shower Filter (Housing + Filter).


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People with sensitive skin will notice that itchy feeling when coming out of a pool and after a hot steamy shower and when you have been bathing/swimming in chlorinated water. Recent research has been conducted on the role that good bacteria play in supporting optimal human health. These bacteria live in the gut (often referred to as the microbiome), they live on the skin, in your nose, and various other places on or in your body. These bacteria play a major role in maintaining homeostasis (keeping your good bacteria balanced and happy) at all layers. This means that they play a big role in supporting optimal digestive health, hormonal balance, and immune system activation - to name a few. So what happens when we are repeatedly exposed to chlorine? We can disrupt our bacterial environment and this can manifest as a variety of external and internal conditions (skin conditions).

The ultra modern Pure Bath + Shower Filter seamlessly integrates with your existing tap wear on your bath or shower, easily screwing on it is installed in a matter of seconds. The high performance 5 stage filtration substantially reduces chlorine, bad smell or odor, along with organic impurities, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, dirt, rust and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminium.


- Self Sealing Threads

- High Strength Housing

- Cartridge life: 6 months or 45,000 Litres

- Dimensions: 13cm Length x 6cm Diametre

Filter Contains


- Calcite Sulfite

- Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet

- Carbon Filtration

- High Flow Sediment Filtration

The Pure Bath + Shower Filter prevents drying of skin, hair and nails (protects your microbiome) giving your skin, hair and nails the best possible chance to stay balanced and at their best!