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MAGICMUK Balm 'Perfect Pair'


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Magicmuk combo - 1 x 60 ml jar & 1 x 15 ml jar. Moisturising, rejuvenating and healing balm with over 20 different applications.

- lips

- eczema

- dermatitis

- psoriasis

- nappy rash

- cradle cap

- stretch marks (old & new)

- scars

- keratosis pilaris

- dry skin

- cracked nipples

- dull skin

- chafing

- minor cuts and abrasions

- minor burns

- sun & wind burn

- boils

- cuticle conditioner

- intensive under eye balm

- tattoo care


 How do I use MAGICMUK Balm?

MAGICMUK Balm is a firm texture in the jar; firmer in winter and softer in summer.

MAGICMUK Balm can be used on your lips, face, hair, nails and anywhere in between.

At first MAGICMUK Balm will have a slight grain (we love this because it will ever so lightly exfoliate you surface dead skin cells so MAGICMUK Balm will be able to moisturise, rejuvenate and heal your skin faster!) As you rub MAGICMUK Balm on your skin these grains will melt away.

You can then smooth it over your skin with ease. It will absorb deep into the epidermis to reach the dermis. MAGICMUK Balm is made to be firm so that when it's applied to the skin it won't leave an oily film, less is more! 

MAGICMUK Balm is made with no water, making it a very concentrated, moisturising, rejuvenating and healing balm that can be used as often as you like!

MAGICMUK Balm can be used in so many different ways! 


Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis 

Scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar, emulsify with your palms until warm and fluid, rub into the area to be treated in small circular motions until MAGICMUK Balm is absorbed. Apply again if the area feels dry or itchy, it's really important that you don't let the area dry out as this will prolong the healing time, keep it moist with MAGICMUK Balm. Apply twice daily, depending on severity of the symptoms. Apply then leave on to work it's magic!

Testimonial - Absolutely amazing! I have tried absolutely everything my entire life for my terrible eczema and nothing works! I'm so glad I came across you at the markets last week when my hands were so cracked and dry that they were bleeding and so sore! The next day after using MAGICMUK Balm twice the cuts had healed and my hands were no longer painful! A week later of me using it once a week and my hands are back to normal! Thank you so much! 


Nappy rash 

Apply a pea sized amount to the entire area under the nappy, use as a barrier balm and to existing nappy rash. Apply during every nappy change.

Testimonial - My 6 months old suffers terribly from Nappy rash due to a scripted formula she is on, I have tried EVERYTHING, all made is worse.. then I found this little pot of gold, I only got the tester and after one, yes ONE use the redness was reduced to nearly nothing.. I can not express how happy this makes me as nappy changes are very traumatic for my babe. Will be ordering again, and again!

I also used it on my very tired and dry face, again after a few uses I have much healthier looking skin #byemakeup 

I think I’ll be one of those mums who use it for everything.. MAGICMUK Balm can fix the world.


Cradle cap

Scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar, emulsify in your palms until warm and fluid, rub into the scalp in small circular motions the opposite direction of the skin scales. MAGICMUK Balm will work it's way underneath the dry skin and will lift it away from the scalp. If you're applying to cradle cap with long hair, simply part the hair and apply MAGICMUK Balm the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

Testimonial - Awesome results! Thanks so much 
My sons cradle cap was driving me crazy. Was getting so bad. I tried everything and MAGICMUK Balm actually worked.
Thank you once again


Stretch marks, Bruises and Scars

Apply a tiny amount twice daily until faded.


Keratosis pilaris (otherwise known as chicken skin), Chafing, Minor burns, Minor cuts and abrasions, Tattoo care, Boils

Simply scoop a pea sized amount out of the jar, apply directly to the area that your treating, rub around the area in small upward circular motions, leave it on. Apply MAGICMUK BAlm twice daily until it disappears. 

Testimonial - I was a sceptic when I purchased this product but thought $35 is an ok risk to try it out. My scepticism has gone out the door when I saw the improvement of my keratosis pilaris! I have tried every product under the sun to reduce it and nothing has worked until I tried MAGICMUK Balm. Well done on a fabulous, natural product. I love it!


Cracked nipples 

Apply a small pea sized amount directly to areola and nipple to heal or prevent cracks. MAGICMUK Balm can be used during breastfeeding and can be used as often as needed. We recommend applying MAGICMUK Balm after each feed to prevent cracks and abrasions.


Dry skin, Dull skin, Uneven skin tone, Sun and Windburn, Make-up primer, Intensive night time balm

Apply MAGICMUK Balm to damp skin for best results. You can spray the area with clean fresh water then apply MAGICMUK Balm OR add 3 drops of water to your palms and emulsify with the MAGICMUK balm, then apply to the desired area in upwards circular motions.

Testimonial - I only received my MAGICMUK Balm the other day and I'm already in love! I apply Magic Muk to my face at night and on my lips during the day. I have noticed such as difference in my skin and lips already! My face feels amazing and lips have never been so smooth. I couldn't recommend this completely natural product anymore! I've finally found a product for my skin that works and I know is good for my skin too!!


Dry lips, Cuticle conditioner, Intensive under eye balm

Scoop as much as needed from the jar and apply directly to the area. Start with a tiny amount, you can always apply more if needed. 


Luxurious Bath oil

Add a pea sized amount to a running bath, soak and enjoy the added benefits of moisture and gentle cleansing for your skin. Can be used for all skin types too!


Moisturizing Face and Body mask

  •  Cleanse your skin with an organic, toxin free cleanser - we recommend one of our cleansing and hydrating serums!
  • Exfoliate away those dead skin cells
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Take a pea sized amount of MAGICMUK Balm and emulsify into your palms until warm and fluid
  • Rub Magicmuk onto your skin in an upwards circular motion
  • Apply a warm cloth over the area that you're treating for at least 15 minutes (Relax!)
  • Remove the cloth and rinse your face with cold water
  • Pat your skin dry with a clean dry towel
  • Enjoy your more even skin toned, dewy and supply skin!


Post Waxing, Laser Hair removal or Shaving

Apply MAGICMUK Balm to damp skin for best results. You can spray area with clean fresh water then apply Magicmuk OR add 3 drops of water to your palms and emulsify with the Magicmuk, then apply to the desired area in upwards circular motions.


Hair and scalp leave-in Treatment

Wash and condition your hair as normal.

Towel dry your hair.

Scoop a pea sized amount from the jar, emulsify this in your palms until fluid then rub through the ends of your hair (remember less is more, a sheer coat is all you need!). MAGICMUK Balm can be used as a hair moisturiser and to protect your hair from heat damage caused by hair dryer's and straightening irons. 

MAGICMUK Balm can also be used as a scalp rejuvenating balm to kiss goodbye to dandruff! Apply a small amount to your fingertip, part your hair then apply MAGICMUK Balm in the opposite direction of the hair growth and leave it on to work it's magic!  As easy as that!