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' I am perfect to use on hair, skin and nails! '
' The ultimate hydration for the most delicate areas on your face '
' Gentle enough to use on your intimate areas '

What is MAGICMUK Balm?




antifungal -  antimicrobial and calming properties. 

Customer Testimonials

Absolutely amazing! I have tried absolutely everything my entire life for my terrible eczema and nothing works! I'm so glad I came across you at peakhurst markets last week when my hands were so cracked and dry that they were bleeding and so sore! The next day after using magic muk twice the cuts had healed and my hands were no longer painful! A week later of me using it once a week and my hands are back to normal! Thankyou so much! �

Shay Keith

This stuff is incredible! I keep a jar in my bathroom cupboard and in my hand bag, I use it for anything that needs attention (even my intimate areas). I can't imagine not having it in my life now! Thankyou MagicMuk 

Betty J.

Last week I got a lovely gift from a dear friend, MagicMuk, besides being lovely and unexpected- it is amazing! The backs of my hands look soo much smoother, highly recommend it!


After YEARS of horrible arm skin (Keratosis Pilaris) my daughters arms are actually clearing up! No way!!!!!

Carol Ferrone

For years I have had problems with my feet, cracks, dead skin and achy feet. When I found MagicMuk it really did change my life - I feel awesome!

Andrew Bartlett

My wife gave me MagicMuk to use as hair product (I thought she was joking) BUT she convinced me to use it because my hair was really dry and sparse, I'm forever grateful to her because my hair is not only more manageable, its thicker too!!

Glenn Addy

My 6months old suffers terribly from Nappy rash due to a scripted formula she is on, I have tried EVERYTHING, all made is worse.. then I found this little pot of gold, I only got the tester and after one, yes ONE use the redness was reduced to nearly nothing.. I can not express how happy this makes me as nappy changes are very traumatic for my babe. Will be ordering again, and again!

I also used it on my very tired and dry face, again after a few uses I have much healthier looking skin #byemakeup �

I think I’ll be one of those mums who use it for everything.. magicmuk can fix the world.

Caitie Grady

Awesome results! Thanks so much
My sons cradle cap was driving me crazy. Was getting so bad. I tried everything and magicmuk actually worked.
Thank you once again

Zoe Lillian James

Magicmuk is truly "magic". I use it on my daughter's nappy rash... only after a matter of hours the rash disappears!!
I have used many different creams over the years, no other cream has worked as quickly or nearly as well as Magicmuk!

Kerrie Delliquanti

Customer Testimonials

I have dermatitis on my face and have tried almost every product on the market. Years ago a dermatologist put me onto hydrocortisone creme as well as Nizoral crime, and while my skin improved a lot it was still prone to occasional redness and dryness.

Since switching to this MagicMuk product my skin has never felt better! Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin, it definitely feels better than using steroid creme!!!

Adrian Rees

After 18 years of being covered in psoriasis and no steriod treatments working, 5 days of using this MagicMuk product and there is no scaley skin to be found on my body. Thank you, your a life saver.

Jody Robinson-Lake

Really great product. So easy to use and really versatile. Would recommend MagicMuk to anyone with sensitive skin or that spend alot of time out in the elements. It's also great and rare to see that all of the ingredients are natural with no hidden nasties like a lot of the expensive brands use

Shannon Heaney

This stuff is actually amazing. I use it on everything: chapped lips, little cuts, windburn, cracked skin. Not only does it work really well, but there are no nasties. Love!

Courtney Bowie

I was recently quoted 6-8 weeks by the doctor for wound to heal. Using MagicMuk twice a day, it healed in a little over 2 weeks.

Carolyn Papworth

The proof is in the pudding. As somebody with sensitive skin , this product has been awesome in its skin soothing properties , I use it after shaving and I highly recommend . Great as a gift idea.


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Disclaimer - As with any health suggestion for your body or your skin, be your own advocate, ask your doctor or health professional if unsure and know that health and beauty advice is not always one size fits all. MAGICMUK is not recommended for use whilst pregnant, MAGICMUK contains high levels of naturally occuring vitamin A.

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