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Our Story

Magicmuk is an Australian brand that does things a little differently to other brands on the market. At Magicmuk we are passionate about delivering an exceptional product at an affordable price whilst not compromising on style either! We are eco-friendly and are committed to reducing waste in our beautiful country.

Magicmuk was born in 2012 from frustration and determination to soothe, repair and rejuvenate my daughter’s eczema and psoriasis. These tricky skin conditions were effecting her self confidence so adversely that it was greatly affecting her quality of life. I tried all the options on the market and visited dermatologists. The skin would improve for a short period of time and quickly return to being itchy, inflamed and irritated with patches of raw, weeping skin. This would often lead to infections.

I just couldn't find a long term solution! Watching her in such physical and emotional pain drove me to creating a solution (not just a band-aid solution) that healed and repaired the eczema and psoriasis well beneath the outer surface of the skin by flooding the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and omega's 3, 6 & 9 that are found naturally in Magicmuk.

My daughter will always be prone to these skin conditions, it is however, relieving that when this happens we can apply Magicmuk and see real results that last.


Magicmuk started out as a solution for eczema and psoriasis but after rapid sales and further testing quickly grew to become so much more. Now with over 20 targeted uses it is your go-to product for amazingly smooth, youthful and glowing skin that you can be proud of. Magicmuk is also a mum hack for every little problem that may arise with your little ones skin throughout the day with no nasties to worry about. Woo Hoo!



Disclaimer - As with any health suggestion for your body or your skin, be your own advocate, ask your doctor or health professional if unsure and know that health and beauty advice is not always one size fits all. Magicmuk is not recommended for use whilst pregnant, Magicmuk contains high levels on vitamin A.


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