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Ingredients used at Magicmuk

We are passionate about using the highest quality ingredients, organic when possible. Magicmuk is made using only fair trade, ethically sourced, organically certified and palm free ingredients which are blended into a luxe, creamy balm that is just waiting to melt into your skin.

Magicmuk contains; organic shea butter, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic beeswax, premium mango butter, organic hemp seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic carrot seed essential oil and organic chamomile essential oil.



Did you know?

Everything that you put onto your skin, goes into your skin and enters your blood stream (In approx 29 seconds - I know scary!) thats why its a big deal that Magicmuk contains;

No Chemicals

No Petroleum


No Perfume

No fragrance

No Toxins

No Fillers                                                            

No Parabens

No Synthetics

No Dyes

Absolutely NO Nasties

Only edible ingredients     


Disclaimer - As with any health suggestion for your body or your skin, be your own advocate, ask your doctor or health professional if unsure and know that health and beauty advice is not always one size fits all. Magicmuk is not recommended for use whilst pregnant, Magicmuk contains high levels on vitamin A.


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