Konjac Facial Sponge


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Our 100% natural Konjac sponge is made from Konjac plant roots. The Japanese Konjac Sponge has been used for centuries as a beauty tool (we are here for that!).

The sponge cleanses (with water only) whilst balancing the skin's pH levels with its natural alkalinity. The sponge is initially hard but softens when soaked in water and then is a very gentle cleanser for the face. Use with water only. Ideal for all skin types and perfect for sensitive skin. Made from 100% natural Konjac vegetable plant root. This product comes with no packaging as we seek to avoid unnecessary waste. 

  • 100% natural sponge with cotton string

  • Free from artificial colours, additives, fragrance and preservatives

  • Compostable and sustainably produced

  • Naturally pH balanced alkaline to help neutralize your skin

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Excellent for all skin types

  • Gentle cleansing

  • Effective with only water


This product is 100% bio-degradable , it will reduce in size very slowly over time. Each sponge will last approx. 8 months when used day and night. 

For best results follow with MM serum